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My name is Bill,  and what I do is very simple, I help you facilitate your own personal transformation!


I provide the guidance, support, and tools you need to find the best version of yourself across all four pillars of your life; Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. I have created a unique process using a series of simple tools.  I help you assess where you are in each area of your life.  From there we work together to create a custom wellness plan just for you!  Sound easy?  Well, with my help, it will be!



Balance and Harmony, Health and Wellness,

let me help you incorporate all 4 into your life!



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How can I help you become the best version of you?

That’s a great question!  Every step of my process supports, strengthens, and balances one or more of the 4Pillars.  These pillars form the support legs for the platform which is your life, and once you have the support you need, you can use this platform to spring into action and pursue everything your heart desires.


Think about it. What would happen if you had to balance yourself on a platform supported by four legs?  What if the legs of this platform were not all the same strength, or even worse, the same length?  In this situation, you would have to be extremely aware of the limitations of the legs, or pillars, since you would have to constantly compensate when trying to move around.  Image trying to do anything while standing on that unbalanced and precariously fragile platform!  Any action you take would require more than half of your effort to just keep from falling or breaking the platform.   Not a very effective way to live your life, is it?  You would find yourself significantly limited in what you can do and how you can do it because much of your energy and attention is focused on just keeping from crashing to the floor. 


The opposite is also true.  Imagine if all four were strong, stable, and the same length. You could do whatever you wished, leap around, dance around, or jump up to grab at whatever life has to offer.  All of this is possible now because all your energy is focused on living your life as the best version of you, and not on keeping your life platform from collapsing!  When you have Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit all working in harmony. All balanced, healthy and vibrant.  Then you can do whatever you wish.  That is what I will help you do!

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Check out the services I offer below!

Total Wellness Program

Your Transformation begins here

Helping you make the journey from where you are, to where you want to be.

This includes individual programs as well as small group programs to help balance your needs with your budget.

Digital Programs

Professional Digital Programs for specific needs!

Choose from our specialized Digital Programs to help you Naturally Detox your Body, learn and master Meditation, or improve Gut Health! 


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