The Body

The miracle of nature!

“The body is a sacred temple”.  I am sure each of us has heard this, or something very close at some point in our life.   I remember when I first heard it many years ago and I thought to myself, “what a bunch of crap”.  Yes, I was quite tiresome back then, and like many younger folks getting their first car, I didn’t take the best care of my car back then, and by extension, I  didn’t take the best care of my body either.  The good news is that unlike your car, you can restore much of your body’s health with some simple lifestyle changes, and that is what this pillar will focus on. 


I have specific programs to help restore your body, both direct 1 on 1 work with me, as well as digital programs to help you focus on specific aspects that you might need. In addition I will give you links to other related resources, blogs, and general information to help you on your journey to strengthen the Body Pillar.

Blogs and Resources

I have many blogs about the health of the body.  Click below to review any that interest you!