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The first thing every individual prospective client gets is a 45 Minute free consultation to review your current situation and talk about your goals.  Just schedule the appointment here on my website.  I can conduct your appointment, over the phone, or via video chat, and sincerely look forward to working with you and helping you achieve all of your goals. 

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With my individual sessions, I focus on a stand alone Life or Health Coaching session to address specific concerns or goals you may have.  I conduct your appointment over the phone, or via video chat.   You can schedule your appointments here as needed which allows those with busy schedules to better control their time and budget.

Individual Sessions

Flexibility for your time and budget

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Premium Life and Wellness Program

Beginning steps to a new you!

My 3 or 6 Month Programs provides personalized Life and/or Health Coaching with two 45-minute sessions each month, plus access to my private Facebook Group, private forums here on my website,  and help with using Essential Oils and Herbal remedies.  As part of this program I also offer an optional personal pantry review, and shopping ideas to help you get the best quality food you can within your budget.  I conduct your appointments over the phone, or via video chat. The program is customized to your specific goals and needs based on your current situation.  I help you develop your individual plan and work with you throughout the program to achieve success.  In addition, as a member of this program, you can reach out at anytime for additional support and to have questions answered.


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Group Programs

Great option for balancing cost and wellness goals!

My group programs are great options for building friendships and a support network as we work together to help each of you improve your health and life situation!  We will work with specific lifestyle changes, nutritional adjustments, hints and strategies to help you continue to build momentum even after the program ends!   Group programs meet for 1-hour via conference call for 6 different sessions over the course of 3 months.  I will cover many topics as well as address any specific questions you may have.

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Digital Programs 

Choose from "Digital Only", or "Digital Plus Coaching" Packages

My professionally prepared Digital Programs provide focused help and support.  My Digital Only Packages provide the least one on one support and are best for those who know what they want, and are committed to follow a plan.

My Digital + Coaching plans include varying amounts of one on one coaching to help reinforce and support you as you work through to complete the program.

We currently offer three different programs!


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  1. 12-Day Detox - Using natural foods to help your body detox from sugars, processed chemicals, etc

  2. 28-Day Spiritual Cleanse - A comprehensive journey into Meditation, the various types, how to use it effectively in your life, and how to renew your spirit in 28 days!

  3. 7-Day Gut Health - A great way to jump start the very important job of healing your gut in order to help your body achieve optimal health!

Coming soon!  12-Week Better Sleep Program, and a year long Doctor approved Gut Health Program.

These programs have been used by thousands of people with great success!

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