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The Power of Blue!

Many of us have heard of Blue Zones. These are small communities around the world where we find individuals who live longer, live healthier, and live happier lives, all at the same time!! People have studied these areas for years, mostly centering on their diet in the hope that adopting said diet will provide all the same benefits. Unfortunately, the diets of people in these various Blue Zones, is but one aspect of why they live a longer, are healthier, and are generally happier than their non-Blue Zone counterparts. The typical diet that many of these zones have is a plant rich, and local food based diet. Remember, food is only one part of this puzzle, and therefore only one part of the answer. In addition to the diet, physical movement is also important. Not so much formal exercise, but simple natural movements that our bodies do such as walking, working with our hands in a garden, engaging in a favorite sport, etc. The key is to enjoy what you do, and not dread this time as you might with formal exercise.

Socially, living in a Blue Zone also means you have a network of supportive friends, and you are part of a strong and close knit community. Such connections can be invaluable to help you navigate the many challenges of life, and while you still keep smiling. It is also making sure you have people in your life that share similar ideas, outlooks and viewpoints. It means having strong family connections, and interactions. It is absolutely true, that having the right people in your life can and does make all the difference.

Mentally, living in a Blue Zone means you have a passion for a variety of interests. Waking up each day brings new adventures, new challenges, and a satisfying pursuit of that one thing that makes you smile. This is your purpose in life, and the one sentence that can describe why you want to live each and every day. In addition, finding ways that help you relax and manage your daily stress is also a important part of Blue Zone living. Less stress in your life has been shown to help improve immunity and longevity. Looks for ways to minimize stress so it no longer controls your life, but simply becomes something you need to step around on occasion.

The last important aspect of Blue Zone living is to cultivate a fulfilling spiritual life. This can mean being active in whatever religious affiliation you belong too, or simply belonging to a spiritual community. However, it's not just a regular spiritual practice, or even just belonging to a community, but also participating in this community on a regular basis.

Obviously we can’t all live in existing Blue Zones, but there is nothing stopping us from creating them anywhere we wish. In the United States, there are small cities working on turning themselves into a Blue Zone, and in my opinion the first step to accomplish that, is to create your own personal Blue Zone in your life. While this might seem like a daunting task, a good Health Coach will work with you to help you create, and customized your personal Blue Zone. He/She will make sure all the critical areas are addressed, and will fully support you along the way. If you would like to set up a free consultation with a Health Coach, please visit our Website at, or call us at directly at 803-599-2453. Let’s bring about more Blue in the world!

For more information on Blue Zones, please visit The Blue Zone Project!

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