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What is a Health Coach?

What the heck is a Health Coach?

I am often asked by those who know me, “So how did you lose all that weight and look 10 years younger”? I respond by telling them it was a lot of little things that I did over the course of many months, and not one specific thing. I also tell them that as a result of that, I decided to learn how I could help others do the same. So I did some research and decided to become a Health Coach. Of course, the very next question I am asked is "what the heck is a Health Coach"? Well have a seat my friend, I am glad you asked.

What we are not

First let’s look at what a Health Coach is not. A Health Coach is not a Registered Dietitian (R.D.). Health Coaches can have considerable knowledge on nutrition and various dietary models, but not at the level of detail, nor the depth as a true R.D. In fact many Health Coaches will work with R.D.’s to better help clients, because they each bring value to the overall goal of helping a client find health and wellness. In addition, Health Coaches are not Doctors, and therefore we will never diagnose, nor prescribe any medications for existing conditions. However, like working with our R.D. friends, many doctors today are looking to work with Health Coaches to better serve their patients by helping them with lifestyle changes. Remember, many health conditions today are lifestyle related, and Health Coaches can absolutely help you make the needed changes to reclaim your life.

What we are

Now let’s look at what Health Coaches can do for you! A Health Coach will work with you to help you achieve your individual health and wellness goals. We will help you figure out what specific lifestyle changes you need, help you make them and most importantly, stick with them. Weight loss is not the only thing we can help with. Sleep issues, Stress reduction, as well as many other causes of dis-ease can be reduced, or even eliminated with simple lifestyle changes. We are here to hold you accountable, support you when things are tough, help you adapt to the changing circumstances in your life, and most importantly, provide you the tools to help you handle any new issues that come up in the future.

With regards to lifestyle changes, food is but one change and in some cases not even the most important one. There are many other aspects in our lives that can affect our health, and a Health Coach will work with you to support whatever changes you wish to make, whether its sleep habits, physical activity, or various practices to help you calm and still the mind, to help manage stress. We are here to help you transform your life! That is our most important task in working with you. Remember, working with a Health Coach is easier then you think. We don't need to meet with you face to face to help you. We meet many clients just over the telephone, or even via Skype and that is just as helpful. So not having a Health Coach in your area, is never a problem.

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