What is a Health Coach?

and what do they do exactly?

Health Coaches are people who have been trained and educated across a wide range of modern day health and wellness practices.  This includes nutritional knowledge covering the latest theories, and popular diets; knowledge in the use of supplements, practices to help with stress and sleep, as well as other natural remedies to help improve your immune system, energy level, and mobility.   We will also bring additional knowledge to support you across a broad array of other healthy lifestyle practices to help bring balance and harmony into your life.  We are there to help you define, plan and achieve your wellness goals, whether it be weight-loss, improved health, reduced stress, or just wanting to feel better overall each and every day.  We are here to support you and help you understand that total wellness is not just about eating right and exercising.  While those are both very important, how you actually live your life across a broad range of areas, can and does have a profound impact.  Your Health Coach can make sure you can see and understand all of this as you start to make changes in your life.  Always remember, the goal of a Health Coach is not to give you the answers that worked for them, or even worked for other clients, but rather to help guide you to the answers that work specifically for you!